Marvel has responded to ICv2's queries about the difference between the cover prices of newsstand and direct market versions of the same title.  David Gabriel, Marvel's Manager of Sales Administration, told ICv2 that Marvel is standardizing the cover prices for its newsstand comics at $2.99 (except for giant-sized issues).  Gabriel also told ICv2, 'There are no plans to increase the overall prices of Marvel direct comics.'  So for the foreseeable future there will continue to be a $.74 price difference between the direct market and newsstand versions of numerous titles.


Gabriel did note one other very intriguing exception to the $2.99 standard for newsstand comics, telling ICv2: 'We have a new line coming out called Marvel Age, featuring lots of different Marvel Universe characters.  These will remain at a '$2.25 newsstand price intended to be a little more palatable to younger readers.'  Let the speculation begin.