Company legal name: Comics Plus, Inc.

Headquarters: 2841 Index Rd. Suite 150, Madison, WI 53713

Phone: 608-273-8387 (Office) and 1-877-767-4263 (Order line)

Fax: 608-273-8616

ACD West: 4069 West Shaw Ave., Suite 105A, Fresno, CA 93722

Phone: 559-276-7290 and 1-888-722-4263 (Order line)

Website URL:

Business established: 1994

Employees: 40

Number of locations: 2

Number of active customers: approx. 320


First-time retailer contact:
Contact name: Darrell Wyatt

Phone: 608-273-8387

Fax: 608-273-8616


First-time publisher/manufacturer contact:
Contact name: Brad McWillimas
Phone: 608-273-8387

Fax: 608-277-5061


Channels sold to:

Traditional specialty brick and mortar stores: game stores, comic stores, video stores, toy stores, videogame stores and novelty/gift stores; catalogue retailers and e-commerce retailers.


Opening an account:

A resale certificate is required. Standard credit terms are established by account. Maximum credit terms are net 30 days. Customer application can be found in the monthly order catalog or on the website.


Communication methods:

Monthly and bi-annual retailer catalog is available. Also used are e-mails and mass faxing. Coming soon: downloads and website.


Ordering methods:

Pre-orders through monthly distributor catalog, advanced orders and reorders. Orders can be placed by mail, phone, fax, and e-mails.


Product lines:

Although primarily a game distributor, ACD also offers some skus in other categories. Offering a wide line of new products monthly in the following categories: Comics and graphic novels (non-exclusive); Movie TV merchandise; Action figures, models and statues; and Anime, manga and Japanese imports. Average monthly sku's of new products:

Toys, models, action figures: 6 sku's

Comics and graphic novels: 6 sku's

RPGs and CCGs: 200 sku's

Movie and TV licensed products: 2 sku's


Inventory/backlist orders:

Product categories include:

Toys, models, action figures: 24 sku's

Comics and graphic novels: 200 sku's

RPGs and CCGs: 15,000 skus

Movie and TV licensed products: 12 sku's

Same day shipping is available for backlist orders. Order cut-off is 4:00pm (CST). Consolidation of backlist orders available with advance order shipments. Backorders allowed and special orders for products not normally stocked are welcome.



Wholesale pricing based on flat pricing/other criteria.


Shipping methods:

UPS is the preferred method of shipping. Also available is overnight service as well as pick-up.



Returns accepted for damages and errors.



Sales outside of the U.S. to Canada and international retailers are welcome.