A new anime series based on the Ragnarok manhwa series created by Myung-Jin Lee and published by Tokyopop in the U.S will debut on Japanese TV on April 6.  Judging by the ever-shortening gap between when anime series go on the air in Japan and when they are released in the U.S., we can look forward to seeing the Ragnarok anime before too long.  In this case the Ragnarok manhwa series, which has been a major hit here in the States with strong sales in both the bookstores and comic shops, will grease the skids for the anime version.  In addition to the graphic novel and now anime formats, the Ragnarok property is also the subject of online MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game) sponsored by Samsung, something for which the heavily D&D-influenced Ragnarok property is quite well suited.