Toycom has announced the release of a series of six different four-inch Chobits Figures based on the ultra popular Clamp manga and anime series.  The precisely painted figures include Chi in Tyrolean Dress, Chi in Black Dress, Chi in Pajamas, and Black Chi as well as Yuzuki and Sumomo.  The figures come in an assortment of 12, each of which has a suggested retail price of $6.50.  Chobits was Clamp's first 'shonen' (or 'boys') manga series and it has been a huge hit -- even though both the Chobits manga and anime series have been released in their entirety here in the States, both continue to sell well.  The Chobits Miniature Figures will ship late this summer.


Judeau Hawk

Toycom has been the exclusive supplier of action figures based on the over-the-top Berserk manga (published by Dark Horse & Digital Manga) to North America.  The latest figure in the series is a seven-inch Judeau Hawk Figure, which comes with throwing blades, holsters, and two short swords.  The figure features 18 points of articulation and comes blister packed with a display stand complete with the Band of the Hawk Clan symbol.  The Judeau Hawk Figures come packed six to a case, have a suggested retail price of $19.99, and should ship to retailers this summer.