Bandai Entertainment has announced the acquisition of two highly anticipated anime series, Please Twins and Di Gi Charat Nyo.  Please Twins (Onegai Twins in Japan) is a spin-off of the highly popular Please Teacher (Onegai Teacher) and it reunites veteran anime director Yasunori Ide and writer Yousuke Kuroda (s-CRY-ed, Trigun, Tenchi Muyo).  Both the Please Teacher anime series (released by Bandai) and the Please Teacher manga (published by Comics One) have done very well in the U.S. market and Please Twins is the same sort of romantic comedy that has repeatedly found favor with American audiences.  The hero of Please Twins grew up in an orphanage with only a picture of himself and his long lost twin sister.  When two gorgeous women show up claiming to be his sister, our hero has to determine who is the sibling and who is the love of his life.


Humor is also the key ingredient in Di Gi Charat Nyo, a high-fructose offering that follows the life of an ultra-cute alien princess as she begins 'Princess Training' here on planet Earth.  The various Di Gi Charat manga series published by Viz and Broccoli Books have been very successful -- and, with Madhouse animating the Di Gi Charat Nyo anime series, fans can't go wrong.  One of the hallmarks of modern anime is a fascination with 'kawaii' or 'cuteness' -- a quality that Di Gi Charat has in spades.