IDT Entertainment, a fast growing showbiz conglomerate that includes Anchor Bay Entertainment, Film Roman, Mainframe Entertainment, and Manga Entertainment, has announced the launch of New Arc Entertainment, a film production company with an ambitious schedule of projects including several animated features and one animated series, all of which it plans to complete within 15 months.  One of the animated features is Rob Zombie's El Superbeasto (see 'El Superbeasto Direct to DVD'), which we have already reported on, but two other animated projects announced today are of potential interest to pop culture retailers--a Spawn feature length cartoon and a six-episode animated Stan Lee Presents series, the first two episodes of which are 'Chameleon' and 'El Lobo.' 


Initially New Arc will distribute its movies direct to DVD via Anchor Bay Home Video in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  New Arc also plans to develop a number of live action movies, which like its animated projects will be in the 'supernatural/thriller/action' genre.