'Cyber-Stein,' a Yu-Gi-Oh! card first given away at GenCon SoCal a little over a week ago, has been listed on eBay; the most recent bid as of this writing is $25,300.  The card is one of only two extant copies of the English version of the card.  One was distributed through a charity event at the convention; the other (the one for sale on eBay), was a prize at the Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Champion Series event held at the show. 


The only distribution currently planned for the English-language Cyber-Stein card is through the Shonen Jump events (see 'Upper Deck Expands Organized Play').  The next Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! event is scheduled for February 6th in Las Vegas.


'Cyber-Stein' is a powerful tournament legal card, as well as being extremely rare.


Assuming this transaction is consummated when bidding ends in a couple of days (and both seller and the current high bidder are eBay participants with overwhelmingly positive comments), it will be a strong indication that there's still considerable collectible life in the Yu-Gi-Oh! property.