Comic artist Alex Saviuk saw the news of Will Eisner's death (see 'EXTRA: In Memoriam: Will Eisner') and shared his recollections:


I am, of course deeply saddened by Will's passing -- in the last few months I have had the pleasure of working with/for him on what I imagine would be his last Spirit story -- a short 6-page gorgeous piece of work that should see print sometime this spring for The Escapist by Dark Horse Comics.


Being a former student in the mid-70's at The School of Visual Arts, I felt honored and proud that from all the students Will had over the years, he chose to call me and ask if I would be able to assist him on a Spirit/Escapist story he was commissioned to do for Dark Horse.  In his usual generous way, he felt that besides helping him, this would be a nice vehicle for introducing me to the editors at Dark Horse.  Will would supply me with roughs on 8.5 x 11 bond paper and I would 'translate' his drawings to 11x17' art board -- doing reasonably tight pencils so that he could then finish the art while making whatever necessary changes to his vision as he saw fit before inking and supplying a wash that was just stunning.


The results were breathtaking -- and he sent me copies of the final work and a wonderful letter thanking me for helping him and saving him time and asking me if I would be available for future projects -- he enjoyed our collaboration and would look forward to working with me again.  I have the copies of the roughs, copies of my pencils and copies of the finishes -- all of them collective treasures that I will save forever.


Obviously, now, those future collaborations will never come to pass -- but I have the most wonderful memories to cherish of having been able to help draw perhaps the final The Spirit story for Will Eisner, even though the final work is obviously his -- but some of me is there as well.


Thank you, Will -- for the opportunity, the generosity, the teachings, and your friendship -- for just being you...