In October Viz will release the Shojo Beat Manga Artist Academy (MSRP $14.99), a primer for aspiring shojo artists, which features a cute (kawaii) panda who wants to be a manga-ka.  The pint-size panda gets plenty of good advice from a roster of accomplished artists that includes Shoko Akira (Times Two), Yukiko Iisaka (Cutey Honey), Miyuki Kitagawa (Forbidden Love), Mayu Shinjo (Sensual Phrase), Chie Shinohara (Red River), Emiko Sugi, Rie Takada (Happy Hustle High), Masami Takeuchi (Oshaberina Amadeusu), and Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yugi). 


While there are an increasing number of 'how to draw manga' volumes available, Shojo Beat Manga Artists Academy provides insights into the individual styles of some of Japan's most talented shojo artists, and should appeal to fans as well as to aspiring artists.