Movie release dates for next year are settling in, with March, May, and July shaping up as the biggest battlegrounds for the films with strong product tie-ins.  First up next year will be Superhero!, a superhero spoof with David (Airplane, Naked Gun) directing, due for release on February 9th, according to Variety.  March 30th will be home to two important releases, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film (see 'Release Date Set for TMNT Film') and Disney's CGI feature Meet the Robinsons, although given the grittier nature of the new Turtles film, the audiences may be enough different to avoid direct conflict. 


May 2007 will see Spider-Man 3 (see 'Marvel Studios Happy to Reclaim the Hulk'), probably early in the month, and Pirates of the Caribbean, which is slated for Memorial Day weekend. 


Since July 4th falls on a Wednesday next year, there are arguably two July 4th weekends.  Ratatouille, a Pixar-produced Disney animated feature will be released on June 29th, and on the holiday itself, two major releases are planned, Fantastic 4 2 and Transformers (see 'Transformers Film on Track for 2007').