Dark Horse has announced that the murder mystery comic book series Rex Mundi will be moving from Image to Dark Horse in the fall of this year.  Set in an alternate-history Europe where magic is real and the Catholic Church never lost its grip on power, Rex Mundi is a tale of sin, murder and redemption set against an overriding plot concerning the quest for the Holy Grail.  Rex Mundi creator Arvid Nelson has plotted an epic story arc for the series giving it an intricacy and cohesiveness seldom seen in American comics.


Image Comics will continue publishing Rex Mundi (which is currently selling around 4,000 copies in the direct market) through issue #18.  The first Dark Horse issue, which will feature a cover by JH Williams III, will be solicited for August.  Dark Horse will collect the last six issues of the Image run and release them in a trade paperback collection in September followed by reprints of the two previous Image collections.


With the impending release of the Da Vinci Code film religious-themed thrillers are attracting a lot of attention in Hollywood and it's no surprise that Dark Horse Entertainment is working on a Rex Mundi feature film.