Strong sales of periodical comic books helped boost the April tally up a full 8% over the cruelest month's total for 2005.  Driven by the continuing strong performance of DC's Infinite Crisis mini-series and the Top Ten debuts of Marvel's Wolverine Origins, Moon Knight and New Avengers Annual, sales of periodical comics through Diamond soared 13%, which was more than enough to overcome a 12% decline in graphic novel sales.  


Once again the graphic novel decline was largely the result of the extremely strong performance last year by Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels.  Four Sin City volumes were in the top seven titles last year and the top two Sin City books each sold in excess of 20% more units than Dark Horse's Hellboy Vol. 6, the number one graphic novel this April.


In April sales of periodical comics continued the trend established in the first quarter by matching exactly the 13% sales growth posted by monthly comics during Q1. After a strong showing in January, graphic novels have posted modest declines in large part due to the fact that this year's hot movie-driven graphic novel, V for Vendetta is a one-off, while there were seven volumes of Miller's Sin City series available last April.


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