Lee Nordling, for the past several years the executive editor of Platinum Studios' comic line, will be heading up a new graphic novel packager, the Pack, recently formed with contract partners and long-time industry stalwarts Barbara Kesel (former editor at DC and Dark Horse), Brian Augustyn (former editor at DC, Metron, and Visionary Comics), Dave Olbrich (publisher of Malibu, and director of U.S. publishing at Humanoids), and Gordon Kent (currently supervising director on Class of 3000). 


Nordling explained the company.  'Like traditional book packagers, we'll be contracting with publishers to take our proposals into production as books,' he said. 


Kent will be specifically involved in developing properties for new media; Olbrich in developing new non-fiction and adaptations of previously published non-fiction and fiction. 


The contract partners in the Pack will participate on a non-exclusive basis. 


We asked the leader of the Pack, CEO Nordling, whether he expected any intellectual property issues with America's Team, the Green Bay Packers, over the use of the term, 'The Pack.'  'I sure hope not,' he said, 'but I suspect we're in a different enough product category so that there won't be any trademark issues.  But if I hear a knock on the door and see a disgruntled cheesehead standing there, I'm not letting him in.'