At the New York Comic Con 4Kids Entertainment Chairman and CEO Al Kahn announced that on May 16, kids will be able to purchase starter decks of either UnderWorld or OverWorld Chaotic trading cards at comic and hobby stores nationwide. Each card has its own unique alphanumeric code and power structure that enables kids to upload their personal collection of Chaotic trading cards to battle and trade online at no additional cost. The companion Website,, will also go live on May 16.


The Chaotic TCG cards have been redesigned from the original Danish game by Sam Murakami, who worked on the U.S. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and Martin Rauff, the designer of the game in Denmark.  The art on the card is also all new, by talented artists including comic, animation, and game artist Khary Randolph.  Each Chaotic TCG card will include a unique set of stats and a unique code. 


4Kids Chaotic TCG will be supported by a Saturday morning TV series on the 4Kids Saturday morning animation block (see 'Chaotic TV Series Launched in Earnest').  For more info on the Chaotic TCG, see 'Al Kahn and Bryan Gannon on Chaotic, Part 1' and 'Al Kahn and Bryan Gannon on Chaotic, Part 2.'