Pokemon USA has announced the May 23rd release of the latest Pokemon TCG Expansion, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, which adds 120 new cards including more than 50 new Pokemon for players to collect for the first time.  The release of the Pokemon TCG expansion follows by a month the April 22nd debut of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl videogames for the Nintendo DS.  The Pokemon videogames remain the cornerstone of the property's popularity here in North America.


In the Diamond & Pearl TCG Expansion players will be able to explore the never-before-seen Sinnoh region and hunt down legendary Pokemon such as Palkia and Dialga.  The new look cards include Pokedex information for each Pokemon and Diamond & Pearl's new gameplay feature, the Pokemon LV X, makes Pokemon more powerful.


The Diamond & Pearl Expansion will be available in 10-card Booster Packs (MSRP $3.79) as well as in three 60-card theme decks, Terra Firma, Infernal Zone, and Royal Frost (MSRP $11.99 each) that also include a unique coin, an updated rulebook, card list, damage counters and a one-player mat.