Hasbro is preparing a new version of Risk, its popular board game of world conquest.  The new edition, which was developed under the name 'Risk Black Ops,' but which will be known simply as Risk when it is released in the fall, eliminates the Napoleonic-era timestamp of the original Risk and creates three-levels of play enabling players to adjust the game based on skill levels and desired playing time.  The rules for the new edition of Risk shift the reinforcements phase to end-turn, which will increase the risks for the armchair generals and would-be conquerors.


Taking over the world takes a lot of time, but in the new version of Risk players can opt to compete to attain three objectives, allowing a game to be over in 60-90 minutes with no decrease in strategy.   The addition of 15 cities and five capitals allows for more short-term and medium-term goals so players can effectively limit their objectives and shorten the game.  The new Risk will have three levels of game play: 'Basic Training,' 'Command Room,' and 'World Conquest,' each with its own objectives and correspondingly longer playing time.


The new version of Risk will accommodate 2-5 players and have an MSRP of $22.99.  To complement its new rules, the retro Napoleonic game pieces have been replaced by new more modern looking tokens.  In addition to a redesigned game board, the new Risk will include seven dice, 42 cards, five sets of units (each with a different color), fifteen cities, five capitols, and the new rules.