According to the ICv2 Guide to Games #53, game sales in the U.S. and Canada for 2007 posted increases in three of the four main categories.  ICv2 estimates retail sales of collectible card games for 2007 at $600 million, up from $550 million in 2006, while the miniature game market, which includes both collectible and non-collectible miniature games, rose from $140 million in 2006 to an estimated $150 million in 2007.

But it was the board game category that was the real locus of activity in 2007 with sales increases in the hobby market estimated at between 10% and 25%.  Sophisticated German-style board games led the charge as hobby stores devoted more space to the category and retailers and distributors worked hard to overcome obstacles posed by trans-Oceanic supply chains.

Sales of roleplaying games continued to decline, falling from $17 million in 2006 to an estimated $15 million in 2007.  Sales plummeted after the announcement of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition in August, which precipitated an immediate slowdown in sales of D&D Edition 3.5.

In addition to the ICv2 sales charts tracking sales in the various game categories as well as forecasts for the game market in 2008, this issue of the ICv2 Guide also includes ICv2's best-in-the-business bestseller lists in five game categories over the last three months, as always.  All rankings reported reflect sales in the hobby channel only (although we do have mass and over-all rankings for CCGs in the magazine).  Here are the ICv2 Top Fives (longer lists are available in the magazine):



ICv2 Top 5 Hobby CCGs

1.  Magic the Gathering

2.  World of Warcraft CCG

3.  Yu-Gi-Oh!

4.  Naruto

5.  Pokemon

ICv2 Top 5 CMGs

1.  HeroClix

2.  Dungeons & Dragons

3.  Star Wars

4.  ActionClix

5.  Pirates

ICv2 Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniature Games

1.  Warhammer 40K

2.  WarMachine

3.  Hordes

4.  Reaper Dark Heaven

5.  AT-43

ICv2 Top 5 Board, Card, and Family Games

1.  Settlers of Catan

2.  Ticket to Ride

3.  Carcassonne

4.  Talisman

5.  Power Grid

ICv2 Top 5 Role-Playing Games

1.  Dungeons & Dragons

2.  Warhammer 40K Roleplay

3.  World of Darkness

4.  Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

5.  Shadowrun

For info on how to get your copy of the ICv2 Guide #53--Games, with the full market reports and size estimates, bestseller lists, and reviews, see "ICv2 Releases ICv2 Guide to Games #53."




There are two errors in the print edition of ICv2 Guide #53:  Games, which we regret.  We mis-identified Wizards of the Coast's hybrid TCG/videogame property, Eye of Judgment, as Eye of Agamotto on page 8 and page 16.  We apologize to both Wizards of the Coast and Dr. Strange. 


In a chart on page 17, we mis-identified the maker of the Star Wars CMG as WizKids, when it's always been made by Wizards of the Coast.  Our apologies to all concerned.