Rackham Entertainment, recently relaunched worldwide under new ownership (see “New Armies for AT-43 and Confrontation”), has extended its schedule as it reorganizes and builds staff.  Wave 10 will now be released on May 4th, and Wave 11 on June 1st. 


New staff is being added for marketing, communication, and community, which the company says will help it communicate better regarding its new releases and reinforce the relationship between the company and its players.


Packaging is also being redesigned so that boxes will be more compact and solid.


Wave 10 for AT-43 will include K-Burners, Dotch Yaga, and Storm Arachns.


Bloodthirsty Predator
Wave 10 for Confrontation will include Praetorian Guards, Guards of Alahan, Agonn, and Bloodthirsty Predators.


Warmonger w/ Jammer
Wave 11 for AT-43 includes Warmongers, Hunters, and the COGS Army Book (64 pgs., full color).      


Dasyatis Prime
Wave 11 for Confrontation includes Skorizes, Dasyatis Prime, Paladins, and Temple of the West/Tarkyn and Melkion.