Days of Wonder has announced that it will release a new expansion in its best-selling Ticket to Ride series: Ticket to Ride Europa 1912. This new expansion adds extra destination tickets for the Ticket to Ride Europe, as well as new rules and gameplay that can be added to any version of Ticket to Ride.


Europa 1912 introduces warehouses, which accumulate train cards, and depots on the game board map. Players completing routes to cities that host a depot can claim the train cards in the warehouse. Warehouses and depots can be added to any Ticket to Ride game. The expansion also includes 55 new destination tickets usable with the Ticket to Ride Europe map in three different gameplay variants. A Ticket to Ride game is required to use this expansion.


Ticket to Ride Europa 1912 includes five warehouses, 25 depots, 101 destination tickets (55 new), and rules in nine languages. The expansion releases in October with an MSRP of $20/€15.