Marcus King of Titan Games & Music in Kalamazoo, Michigan read the recent article about Wizards of the Coast's upcoming 2010 releases (see "WotC's Early 2010 Releases") and had this to say about the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Premium Foil Booster Packs:

Concerning the new Premium Foil Booster Packs for Magic: The Gathering from WotC, this product may or may not be a hit.  The Alara Block was popular, but my sales of Alara have been flat since Magic 2010 came out and died after Zendikar was released.  Whether customers will want to shell out twelve dollars per booster for a set that is considered "been there, done that" or not remains to be seen.

I hope that this promotion/marketing idea, whatever WotC considers the Premium Foil Booster Packs to be, will continue.  I would hate to think the Premium Foil Booster Packs idea will live or die with the success of the Alara Block.  I would think that if the foil re-boosters were to come out in time for Christmas, that would be a plus too.  Maybe the Zendikar Block Foil Boosters could come out around Thanksgiving 2010?

And WotC,.feel free to issue some Arabian Nights/Legends/Antiquities foil re-boosters, okay?

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