It's been about a year since pamphleteer Jack Chick took on D&D (see 'Jack Chick Takes on Games Again'), and apparently that means it's time for another broadside.  In his latest 'Battle Cry,' dated July/August 2002, Chick carries on a long comparison between D&D and a hypothetical group sexual fantasy, in which, 'The goal of the game would be to see who could obtain the most erotic pleasure.'  He compares that to Dungeons and Dragons, and asks, 'Who are we to think we can play out games that enflame our carnal lust for sex or power and not be likewise judged.'  As we've noted in the past, while Chick's views are anything but mainstream, he does have an audience.  Retailers that end up with public relations or other problems from this type of viewpoint are encouraged to contact GAMA, the game manufacturer trade associate, for assistance.