AEG has announced plans to release War of Honor, a new way to play its long-running CCG Legend of the Five Rings, in June. The new game is designed for two to four players, and combines some boardgame elements with a modified version of the rules from the CCG.
War of Honor is played using L5R CCG cards, but players do not have to have their own collection. The game comes complete with four pre-built decks. The familiar elements of the Legend of the Five Rings world are all featured in the game, including alliances between player clans, battlefield tactics, and honor duels.
The new boardgame elements include the use of special tiles that represent the various regions and provinces that the clans compete to control. The board formed from these tiles will vary from game to game.
Though War of Honor comes with enough cards to play, any L5R CCG cards can be used, and players are encouraged to create their own decks. Clans beyond the four included in the game can be used. Since all cards are compatible, players can use older cards that are not included in the current CCG arc. This provides players with an opportunity to use their collection of older cards that may no longer be suitable for tournament play.