In June Hasbro is releasing Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive (MSRP $65), a space combat miniatures board game that has relatively little in common with its Hasbro-produced namesake. The game involves a conflict between the human Intergalactic Space Navy (ISN) and the ships of an alien force known as the Wretcheridians. The opposing forces are represented by 20 highly-detailed starship miniatures of several different ship types, each with its own movement, shield, hull strength and weapons ratings—all of which are detailed on reference cards.
The scenario-driven Battleship Galaxies board game was designed for between 2-4 players, ages 13 and up by Craig Van Ness, Colby Dauch, and Jerry Hawthorne. The scenarios determine the goal of the game and the initial set-up of the game board. For every turn players have a certain allotment of energy, which can be used either for movement or combat. Combat results are dice-driven. Players role two dice, one with letters and one with numbers. The resulting letter number combination is compared with the target ship’s reference card to determine the result. Hits on a ship are marked by the placement of colored pegs in the figures base—one of the game’s few oblique nods to the more simplistic Battleship game.
Players can either take on the role of ISN officers defending an isolated settlement, or lead the attack as the commanders of the ruthless Wretcheridian attackers. Players have considerable flexibility in constructing their fleets, and they can also build up their deck of Tactics cards to add weapons and upgrade their ships.

Battleship Galaxies includes a 48-page, full color graphic novel produced by IDW that details the backstory of this intergalactic combat.  We asked both IDW and Hasbro for more information on the contents of this graphic novel, but neither responded with information in time for this article. 
In addition to the graphic novel, the Battleship Galaxies game includes: a game board, 20 plastic starship miniatures with bases, 24 ship cards, 2 screens with side supports, 2 coordinate dice, 35 blue pegs, 40 red pegs, 2 energy boards and markers, 72 tactics cards, 8 obstacle tiles, 8 discovery tiles, a victory point tile, rules, and 2 quick-reference cards.