Richard Gain of Jester's Playhouse in Northfield, New Jersey comments on Spin Master’s RedaKai TCG distributor discount structure.


I read your recent article in ICv2’s Internal Correspondence (issue #75) and it did not breakdown the actual discounts from most distributors.  For most of the line, the discount is about 35% and for the starter sets it’s only 27%.  On these margins, Spin Master and distribution expects retailers to go through the effort to promote this product and utilize space in their game play area when we could instead promote games like Yu-Gi- Oh!, Magic: The Gathering and Games Workshop?  I am not sure if the retailers interviewed for the article were aware of these discounts and I am not sure why any retailer would even consider supporting this product.  Space and time have a value and Spin Master, through their discount structure, has decided that the hobby market has little value, so why support them or their product?


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