The first full length trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games feature has been released, and the look at the science fiction film based on the YA book series is getting a good reaction.  The film, with Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville) directing (see “’Hunger Games’ Gets a Director”) will release March 23, 2012. 
There’s not a lot of product available; the WizKids game based on the literary property, released in 2010 (see “WizKids’ ‘Hunger Games’”) and the novels are about it. But there’s sure to be more as the film approaches, and for now, the game and the books may be enough. 
Hunger Games is part of two larger trends: Hollywood’s increasing interest in Young Adult novels in the wake of the success of the Twilight franchise (see “Twi-Hards Out in Force”), and the underlying success of the Young Adult fiction category (see “Juvenile/YA Fiction Tops Adult Trade Fiction and Non-Fiction”).