In what could be a gamechanger that could solidfy Magic sales for years to come, Wizards of the Coast today unveiled the Magic: The Gathering Toolbox, a free app for iOS devices that will be released later this month.  An Android version of the app is in production and will come out soon thereafter.  The new app supports the M:TG Trading Card Game (as well as Magic Online) with features that help players keep track of the points they earn with an advanced life counter for their Magic games, as well as aid in building decks, researching strategies, searching and filtering all 10,000 M:TG cards (it’s like having the Gatherer in your pocket).  Other features include a schedule of events, player profile section, and both an “E-store” and a brick-and-mortar “Store Locator” function.
Here’s the “Life Tracker” home page:

Here’s the “Card Search” home page:

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Here’s the “Article Reader” page: