USAopoly and Blizzard Entertainment have announced the summer 2012 release of Risk: StarCraft Collector’s Edition (MSRP $49.95).  The game of global conquest becomes one of galactic conquest in this new version of Risk set in the chaotic StarCraft universe.  Players can choose from Raynor, Valerian, Artanis, Kerrigan, or Za’gara and then set out to conquer 42 otherworldly territories.  In a situation this complex there are no perfect moves, no guarantees, and no lasting alliances.
Designed for between three to five players, ages 10 and up, Risk StarCraft comes with over 290 playing pieces, including three race-specific bases: the terran Command Center, a protoss Nexus, and a Zerg Hatchery.
Here’s a first look at a portion of the Risk: StarCraft game board (click on the image for a better view).  The game board and game box feature graphics from Blizzard Entertainment’s world class artists and designers, the same crew that worked on the Monopoly: World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition that is coming out this spring (see “World of Warcraft Monopoly”).