In this video Wizards of the Coast VP of Sales Scott Knoblich explains the Helvault, an obelisk-like box that is the centerpiece of WotC’s innovative Avacyn Restored Pre-Release Events that will be held at hobby game stores beginning on April 28th and 29th leading up to the release of the final Innistrad set of Magic: The Gathering cards on May 4th.  Knoblich answers common questions about the Helvault and provides numerous tips on how retailers can run the best possible pre-release event. 
The mysterious Helvault is covered with seals. During the Avacyn Restored Pre-Release Event, whenever players earn achievements, a seal is broken.  When all the seals are broken, the Helvault is opened and all the players at the event will receive a share of its contents, whatever they may be (see "Helvault for 'Avacyn Restored'" for more details on the Avacyn Restored Pre-Release Events).