Wizards of the Coast is returning to the vaults for a second time this year with the announcement that it will release the 3.5 Edition Premium Core Rulebooks in September.
Intended for Dungeons and Dragons collectors and fans of the old edition, these hard-cover reprints of the three primary 3.5 Edition rulebooks will include all of the latest errata, and feature improved production values.  They will sport new cover art.
All three books will have a suggested retail price of $49.95. The three titles include:
3.5 Edition Premium Player’s Handbook: including rules for character creation, equipment, exploration, and combat.
3.5 Edition Premium Dungeon Master’s Guide: including advice and guidelines for gamemasters, adventure ideas, character development, and magic items.
3.5 Edition Premium Monster Manual: including hundreds of monsters to challenge characters of all levels.
Earlier this year, Wizards announced plans to release reprints of the core rulebooks from the classic first edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks to support the Gygax Memorial Fund (see "WotC to Reprint 'AD&D'").