Fantasy Flight, Inc. of Roseville, Minnesota has announced the May publication of the official Lord of the Rings Trivia Game.  The trivia-based board game will include some 1200 questions created by the Tolkien Society of England that are certain to test the Middle Earth I.Q. of Tolkien fans and film buffs.  The LOTR Trivia Game is more than just a collection of questions -- specially designed game mechanics will make it possible for LOTR experts and casual fans to enjoy the game at the same time.


Fantasy Flight is also in 'final negotiations' to acquire the rights to publish a massive War Of The Rings board game that will present the epic saga in its entirety and allow players to play out the quest of the Ringbearer as well as recreate the massive battles (such as Helm's Deep) and strategy that is an integral part of the LOTR saga.  Release dates and pricing for these games should be available soon.