Cards from Bandai's Power Rangers Action Card Game will work with the Morpher or app to reveal special content tied to that card.  The game is scheduled to release next February to take advantage of the franchise’s 20th anniversary (see "Bandai Plans 'Power Rangers TCG'").  The release of the collectible card game is planned to coincide with the new Power Rangers Megaforce TV series.
The Megaforce series is particularly well-suited to supporting a card game, as the action in the show features cards used by the Rangers to fight their foes.  The game will mimic the action of the show, using bar code technology and the Gosei Morpher (sold separately) or a Power Rangers Card Scanner App available for mobile devices.
One of the unique bar codes on each card can be read by the Gosei Morpher, which will unlock unique sounds.  The other bar code can be read with the app, which will display a video unique to that card.
Power Rangers Action Card Game will be available in $9.99 starter decks and $3.99 booster packs.