Mayfair Games will release Catan: Explorers and Pirates, a new expansion for Settlers of Catan, in April.  The $50.00 expansion is for three to four players 12 and up, and can be played in 90+ minutes.
The expansion will include five scenarios and three missions, which can be mixed and matched to enhance replayability; not all scenarios make use of missions.
The five scenarios are:
Land Ho!, in which players explore the sea of Catan and two islands, which can be colonized using ships to ferry settlers (Introductory Scenario).
Pirate Lairs!, in which players must pay tribute to the pirates or drive them off, and can capture their lairs to earn gold and Victory Points (One Mission Scenario).
Fish for Catan!, in which players search for fish to earn Victory Points, and must avoid pirates but can capture their lairs (Two Mission Scenario).
Spices for Catan!, in which players seek fish and spices to win Victory Points, and can learn more about sailing or pirate fighting from the inhabitants of the Spice Islands (Two Mission Scenario).
Explorers and Pirates!, a lengthy and challenging scenario which combines all the previous scenarios (Three Mission Scenario).
Wood components include 16 harbor settlements, 32 adventurers, 12 ships, eight settlers, 12 markers, four pirate ships, six fish, and 24 spice sacks.  Other components include 76 die cut gold coins, frame pieces and hexes, tokens, and cards.  Catan: Explorers and Pirates also requires some components from Settlers of Catan.