White Wolf has announced plans to release an RPG based on Warcraft, a computer fantasy game published for PC and MAC systems.  The Warcraft game will be released in a hardcover edition at $32.95 in July, along with Warcraft Dice at $6.99.  The source material is a 'roleplaying strategy game;' Warcraft III has sold over 4.5 million units.  Graphics from the computer game will be used in White Wolf's paper product.  There is also a Warcraft toy line (see 'Toycom Warcraft Figs Street in April').


White Wolf is also planning a major family of RPG releases for its Sword and Sorcery line beginning in August -- Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed, under Cook's Malhavoc Press imprint.  The line will begin with the Arcana Unearthed 'variant player's handbook' in August.  This $29.95, 256-page hardcover will be an alternative player's handbook, produced to be compatible with Open Gaming Content, featuring new races, 11 new classes,  variant rules for handling magic, and more.  It can be used to supplement an existing campaign or stand on its own.  In September, the Arcana Unearthed DM's Screen and Player's Guide will be released at $15.95, followed by The Diamond Throne, a campaign supplement, in November at $18.95.