Scourge of Worlds -- A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure isn't just your ordinary computer-animated cartoon--it's a truly interactive DVD with 20 decision points where viewers can make different choices, which can produce some 900 different story arcs that will eventually arrive at one of four different endings.  Produced by DKP Effects, one of Canada's leading 3D animation, effects, and compositing houses, Scourge of Worlds was made in close consultation with the Wizards of the Coast.  While this is hardly the first interactive DVD, it is definitely the most sophisticated in the number of choices allowed and the various ways in which the different chosen paths can flow together.


Rhino Home Video is planning to market this D&D-based DVD to game stores and comic shops (it is solicited in the current editions of Diamond Previews and FM's Request Line).  A 25-minute sampler of the game will be included in the July issue of Dragons magazine, which should spread awareness of the product.  Rhino is clearly hoping that word of mouth about this unique product will help push sales, and the company is hoping that sales of the $24.95 (srp) DVD will continue to build incrementally rather than spike right away as is typically the case with the video release of a blockbuster movie.  A special collector's edition, which will include a figurine along with two additional endings, is slated to arrive in September.