Pandasaurus Games has announced two board game releases for November: New Amsterdam and Great Fire of London.
New Amsterdam is designed by Jeffery Allers, with art by Josh Cappel, and is a strategic game of bidding, building and trade.  Players take the role of "patroons" (settlers of means or noble birth) who have settled in the New Amsterdam colony on Manhattan Island founded by the Dutch West Indies Company.  Players bid on action lots to build business, work land for food and building material, compete in elections, ship furs to the Old World and trade with the Lenape Indians.
The box contains 12 action tiles (4 each of city, land and trade), 5 turn order tokens, 5 longhouses, 6 lap  tokens, 50 fur chits (10 each of beaver, mink, otter, muskrat and linx), 24 land cards (12 blue for the 1620s and 12 red for the 1630s), 24 ship cards (12 blue for the 1620s and 12 red for the 1630s), 5 wharf cards, 60 money coins (48 small silver, 12 large gold), 40 goods crates, 30 wood timbers, 30 corn barrels, 5 scoring markers (one of each player color), 5 trading posts (one of each player color), 125 buildings (25 each for each player color), a game board and rules.  The game is for 2 – 5 players, ages ten and up, and plays in 60- 90 minutes.  MSRP is set at $59.95.
The Great Fire of London (1666) is designed by Richard Denning with art by Andreas Resch.  Players take the role of wealthy property owners around London, on the eve of Sunday September 2, 1666, when an accidental fire eventually destroyed 13,000 homes and left 90 percent of the city’s population destitute and homeless.  Players lead trained militia to fight the fire and save the city, but must chose which districts to save, and which to sacrifice.  The winner is the player with the most property left when the ashes settle.
The box contains 120 houses (20 each of 6 colors), 12 player pawns (2 each of 6 colors), 6 player color cards, 24 objective cards, 60 fire movement cards, 6 fire stack cards, 20 tokens (10 demolition charges, 6 double move, 4 one victory point), 65 Red fire cones, 6 black trained band cones, a Hero of London bucket, game board, and rulebook.  The game is for 2 – 6 players, ages ten and up, and plays in about 60 minutes.  MSRP is set at $59.95.
Pandasaurus also recently entered into a partnership arrangement with IDW Publishing to coordinate design, production and distribution for the newly announced IDW Games (see "IDW Games").