Bushiroad announced the release of Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack Vol. 13: Catastrophic Outbreak! on May 2nd.  The company is reporting that three recent releases for its Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG  have sold out less than a month after release, despite an increased print run. 
The Catastrophic Outbreak! booster contains 102 cards (RRR: 8/ RR: 12/ R: 22/ C: 60) inclusive of  SP: 12 (Parallel)+ 1 Secret, and at least one card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card.  There will be one SP foil PR card (6 types) inserted randomly in each display, and one 1 Secret Rare (SR) card inserted randomly in one display in each carton.  Displayed contain 30 packs each containing 5 random cards.  There are 16 displays per carton, and each carton will also include 4 premium rubber playmats.
Catastrophic Outbreak! includes more units and abilities for the "Link Joker" clan.  There are also new expansions for "Nova Grappler," "Aqua Force," "Dimension Police," "Angel Feather," "Great Nature," "Granblue," and "Nubatama" decks.
Bushiroad credits the popularity of the newly-released “Link Joker” clan, along with tie-ins to the themed Cardfight!! Vanguard Team League 2014 (see "Bushiroad's 2014 Tournament Program") for the recent sell-out of both Trial Deck Vol 10:  Purgatory Revenger and Trial Deck Vol 11: Star-vader Invasion, as well as Booster Pack Vol 12: Binding Force of the Black Rings, less than two weeks after release.   A second print run is planned.
This new booster release will fall between Extra Booster Pack 7 in April (see "'Extra Booster Pack 7: Mystical Magus'") and two more Extra Booster Pack releases in June (see "'Champions of the Cosmos' and 'Divine Dragon Progression'").  The next Trial Deck is also due out this week (see "'Trial Deck Vol. 12: Dimensional Brave Kaiser'").