At the GAMA Trade Show that is being held this week in Las Vegas, Ares Games will unveil two titles that are due out this summer Dino Race, a new family-oriented board game featuring painted miniatures of those kid-favorite dinosaurs, and the previously-announced Hobbit-based board game Battle of the Five Armies, a two-player game that allows players to re-create the climax of The Hobbit (see "First Look at the Box Art for 'Battle of the Five Armies'").
Dino Race is a simple, fun boardgame, for 2 to 4 players, enhanced by cute painted dinosaur miniatures by Michelangelo Ricci and captivating artwork by Francesco Mattioli.  Trying to save their dinosaurs from extinction, players run as fast as possible through plains, deserts, swamps and jungles while avoiding the nasty tricks of the opponents.  Each player must bring his dinosaur couple to the end of the race track, scoring points when one of his dinos­ finishes the race.  Players can also score points by bringing the dino egg to safety.