Bushiroad will release the new Angel Beats! Re: Edit expansion for its Weiss Schwarz TCG.  The expansion will include a Trial Deck and Booster packs.  Both will release on July 25th.  This set will introduce a new foil pattern for R and RR rarity cards.
The set is based on the Angel Beats! anime (available in the U.S. on DVD, see "DVD Round-Up: Week of July 26th") and game series.  The story takes place in the afterlife, and focuses on Otonashi, a boy who has lost his memories after dying and is enrolled in an afterlife school.  Otonashi is asked to join the Afterlife Battlefront, an organization fighting against God for imposing cruel fates on the students during life. The series blends action, humor and music.
The 50-card Trial Deck will contain 21 types of cards including three exclusive cards. A randomly selected deck in each display will have 1 RRR holo card (3 designs) or 1 SP Gold foil signed by Japanese voice actress Kana Hanazawa, who played Kanade.  The decks will include a rule sheet, deck manual, playbook and playmat.  The decks are packed six to a display, with eight displays per carton.  The English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupons.
The booster will include 117 types of cards, as well as 36 parallel cards. Gold foil chase cards featuring autographs from Japanese voice actresses will be randomly inserted into packs.  Each booster includes eight cards, with 20 boosters per display. Four rubber playmats are included in each carton.  The English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupons.  With this set, English and Japanese cards may be played together in tournament formats (except in Japan).
The Weiss Schwarz: Love Live! Trial Deck and Booster are due to release in May (see "'Weiss Schwarz: Love Live!'").  Bushiroad has also introduced US organized play for the game this year (see "Bushiroad Adds Team League Event").