Palladium Books has delayed the release date for Robotech RPG Tactics another month, with the highly anticipated miniatures game now projected for "an end of July or August ship date."  Final "official" SKU titles on the first six expansion packs have also been released.
The last update in January projected a June release (see "'Robotech RPG Tactics' Pushed Back Again"), with Palladium pointing an exasperated finger at partner Ninja Division.  "Honestly, even we don’t fully understand why manufacturing has been delayed for so long.  Much of it has been completely out of our hands," they said in a new trade solicitation.  "Like you, we assume they are doing everything in their power to make this the best product possible and to get Robotech RPG Tactics to market as quickly as possible.  Apparently, there were delays and problems getting the molds broken down into sprues and done right.  But we’re moving forward again, and all components are looking gorgeous."
The SKU names for the first six expansion packs have been updated, though prices and contents did not change.

Previous Title:                     New Title:
UEDF Valkyrie Wing               No Change
UEDF Destroid Pack               UEDF Tomahawk/Defender Destroids
UEDF Spartan Pack                UEDF Spartan/Phalanx Destroids
Zentraedi Regult Battlepod Squadron  Zentraedi Regult Battlepods
Zentraedi Support Battlepods  Zentraedi Artillery Battlepods
Zentraedi Command Pack        Zentraedi Glaug Command Pack