Rod Lambertifo of Rodman Comics in Ankeny, Iowa writes in to share his thoughts on the 'Con in Your Store' promotion from WizKids (see "WizKids 'Con in Your Store' Promotion").

Over a month has gone by since WizKids originally announced the HeroClix 'Con In Your Store' promotion; the program in which retailers had to buy basically dead product from WizKids to get "exclusive" products to tie into selling them.  A 'Con In Your Store' day originally had to be set up in August on their website.  A day where stores would host a convention-like event.  My check for the $1000 was sent in and cashed ASAP back in July.  The "dead" product arrived very quickly.
At first WizKids announced days before the original start date in August it would be delayed a week.  Then after the announced delay some stores received some of the exclusives while others didn't receive anything.  There was no communication from WizKids about this.  After multiple calls to Alliance, who was the vendor for the 'Con In Your Store' promotion, finally a shipment was sent to us.  It arrived and it was shorted.  WizKids did not have in stock some of the various exclusives at the time (such as the Amazing Spider-Man Team Base and the Captain America Sentinel).  WizKids never bothered to communicate this to stores.  These pieces had to be bought on top of the money we already spent to get into the program.  They would finally be available in mid-August.  We were shorted various exclusives included the Green Lantern Constructs, the Khan Attack Wing card, and more.  It is now September and there still has been no word from Alliance or WizKids about the shorted product that we have already paid for.
Another store in central Iowa spent $2000 for two kits and had to cancel their 'Con In Your Store' day because they were shorted so badly.  I am quite surprised more stores are not up in arms about this.  If I treated my customers like this I am sure I would not have any.
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