Plaid Hat Games will release Specter Ops, a sci-fi stealth-ops board game, in 2015.
The game is designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, with art by Steven Hamilton.  A secret agent of A.R.K. has infiltrated a top secret Raxxon facility, attempting to complete three mission objectives before they escape.  But they are hunted by genetically modified Raxxon Hunters.  Players can chose which side they wish to join. 
The box contains: 4 Agent figures, 4 Hunter figures, 4 Agent character cards, 4 Raxxon Hunter character cards, 4 Secret Role cards, 4 unique Agent equipment cards, 8 generic equipment cards, 1 Occupy Vehicle card, 23 tokens, 2 6-Sided dice, a game board, a rulebook, and a movement sheets pad.  The game is for 2-5 players, ages 9 and up, and plays in 1-2 hours.  MSRP is $49.95.  Release is currently planned for Q2.