An alert employee at Misty Mountain Games and Diversions in Madison, WI helped recover a stolen Magic: The Gathering collection on Thursday.
The collection, which was stolen from a 26-year-old Madison man’s car along with other property, had an estimated value of $3,000.  The victim called Misty Mountain and gave them a detailed description of the cards, in case the thief attempted to sell the collection for cash.  The description included a set of four uncommon "Kor Firewalker" promo cards.  When a suspect walked into Misty Mountain yesterday afternoon with an extensive collection that included those cards, looking to sell, Evan Golden, Assistant Manager at the store, himself a Magic player, called police.
While those cards themselves are not worth much money, “Only one out of 100 people will have those cards,” Golden said, so it was too strong a coincidence to ignore.  The collection also contained a Modern format deck worth $800, and a lot of $20 - $40 cards, according to Golden.
The Madison police arrived on the scene in 15 minutes, while the suspect was still sorting through the cards, and arrested Matthew J. Organ, age 26, of no permanent address, for Receiving Stolen Property and Possessing Illegally Obtained Prescription.  Organ claimed he purchased the cards "for a mere $80 from a ‘dude’ downtown," according to the police report.  The suspect who "told the officer he was high on marijuana and Adderall, said he knew nothing of the game but figured this many cards for that much money was a pretty good deal."