One of several positive trends in the game market over the past year has been increasing sales of elaborate board games, many of which were designed in Europe.  Rio Grande Games, one of the key companies adapting these games for the U.S market, has scored major successes with Carcassonne, Pueblo, and Cartagena, and has announced a full slate of new offerings and expansions.  In September Rio Grande Games will release Gulo Gulo, a $34.95 game for 2-6 players aged 5 and up as well as Lord Of The Rings: The Duel a $19.95 2-player game in which players using cards with magical symbols replay the duel between Gandalf and the Balrog.


Also out in September are the historical games Magna Grecia, $34.95, 2-4 players (12 and up) and Carcassonne: The Castle ($19.95), a new stand-alone game for 2 players.   A small expansion for the original Carcassonne board game is now set for October, along with a two-person Dracula game, while the Puerto Rico card game should be available in either October or November.