Wizards of the Coast has announced that it has sold more than one million D&D Miniatures since their release on September 26.  The sales have all come from two randomized skus, Entry Packs and Harbinger Expansion Packs.  The strong sales of the D&D miniatures and the development of a secondary market for the figures have led WotC to cancel two non-randomized expansions for the D&D Miniatures Game (see 'WotC Cancels Non-Random CMG Releases').  The D&D Miniatures actually serve a dual purpose -- as a stand-alone collectible miniatures game, and as an aid in playing the standard D&D role-playing game.  WotC created the non-random expansions, Orc War Party and Outlaw War Party with the idea that the popular characters included in the sets would appeal to RPG players, who might not want to go through the aggravation of buying randomized Entry and Expansion packs without finding their favorite role-playing characters.  However brisk sales and positive player feedback have led WotC to cancel the non-randomized expansions and eliminate any possible confusion.


The newly released D&D Miniatures Handbook ($29.95) offers players expanded rules for skirmishes and mass combats along with new base classes, new prestige classes, new feats, spells, and magic items.  In December WotC will release the Dragoneye D&D Miniatures Expansion, which introduces 60 additional creatures, including dragon figures of varying sizes.  The Dragoneye and Archfiends (2004) expansions will be randomized and the blind packaging will keep customers looking for those rare and ultra-rare figures.