Heather Barnhorst of Attactix, in Aurora, Colorado, saw columnist Steven Bates' holiday gift guide column on games (see 'I Think I Can Manage -- All I Want for Christmas, Part 2') and has some additional suggestions:


I looked forward to Steven Bates's recommendations for the Christmas season although I would like to point out that making these recommendations a bare week before Christmas seems a trifle ill-times but any recommendations that can be made would apply to the rest of the year as well.  A good game is always a good game and doesn't necessarily need a holiday for retailers to push it.


Steven barely touched any of the games that do well for us at Attactix.  Two, and only two games, made the list and they are both from WizKids.  I like to sell Pirates of the Spanish Main and HeroClix but there are so many other games out there that deserve a mention.  I could mention Magic: The Gathering as the premier collectible card game.  D&D Player Handbooks along with the commemorative and special edition D&D books for RPGs.  And board games, which were entirely overlooked, are gold mines at this time of year:  Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Munchkin, Blokus, and Ticket to Ride form a selling block that can't be beat.


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