When we were finally able to reach him for comment, Diamond COO Chuck Parker laid to rest the rumor that Diamond owner Steve Geppi had made an offer for Wizard of the Coast's TSR division (see 'GenCon Jumps').  Calling the rumor 'absolutely false,' he said he had no idea where the rumor had come from and that it had no basis in fact. 


Given the changes that WotC has been going through since its acquisition by Hasbro, it's not surprising that rumors arise, and there have been plenty this summer.  As the dominant player in both the CCG and RPG categories, WotC's future is inextricably tied to the future of those industries and that makes them an especially juicy topic for discussion.   Rumors about WotC's future are likely to continue to outnumber true facts about any changes that may be happening there for some time to come.