Sydney Walton of Collector's Dream in Tavares, Florida saw the Star Wars Miniatures Game in Wal-Mart and became concerned:


Recently I became aware of the presence of the Star Wars Miniatures Game in Wal-Mart.  At first, I was shocked; Wal-Mart did not carry either of the first two sets.  Then I got angry when I found out what Wal-Mart is selling the Boosters and Starters for:  $19.99 for a Starter (SRP is $24.95) and $9.97 for Boosters (SRP is $12.99).  Unbelievable!!!  I know Books A Million sells the Star Wars minis, but they sell them at what they're supposed to sell them at.  Why does Wal-Mart have these?  This is going to hurt the independent retailer.
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