Four long-time members of the game industry, James Ernest, Mike Selinker, Lisa Stevens, and Bob Watts, have announced that they will launch Titanic Games in 2006 to produce board and card games.  Watts, who ran Games Workshop US, founded Sabertooth, was a Wizards of the Coast VP, etc.) and Stevens (CEO of Paizo Publishing, former VP at WotC) will handle the business affairs of the company.


Ernest and Selinker have long careers in game design.   Ernest is president of Cheapass Games and Selinker is formerly the lead developer for Avalon Hill.  They are partners in Lone Shark Games, where they recently designed Pirates of the Spanish Main for WizKids and Gloria Mundi for Rio Grande.  


Three games are planned for the initial launch in 2006.  A high-end version of Kill Doctor Lucky, Cheapass' bestselling title, will feature 3D elements and new ways to reach the object of the game -- killing a hapless old man in his old house. 


Dust and Sin, by Ernest and Selinker, will be the board game of Las Vegas development.  It will include unique 3-D casino models.


Stonehenge is the most interesting of the announced products.  It will be an anthology boardgame, in which five designers use the same game components to create five different games in one box.  Richard (Magic the Gathering, Robo Rally) Garfield will design a magic game; Bruno (Mystery of the Abbey, Citadels) Faldutti will design a political game; Richard (Battle Cry, Memoir 44) Borg will design a battle game; Ernest will contribute an auction game, and Selinker will design a science fiction game.