Rio Grande Games has announced the October release of Carcassonne: The River II, a new version of the small Carcassonne: The River Expansion.  The new version includes some tiles from other Carcassonne expansions -- such as an Inn on the Lake from Inns and Cathedrals and a pig-painted piece from Traders & Builders.  Designed by Rudolph Ross, Carcassonne: The River II adds 12 new tiles and it differs from the original The River expansion primarily because its tiles are designed to work with tiles from other Carcassonne expansions. 


Carcassonne: The River II is an expansion for Klaus-Jurgen Wrede's popular Carcassonne boardgame originally published in German by Hans im Gluck.  Designed for 2-6 players, it takes about 45 minutes to play.