Pat Fuge of Gnome Games in Green Bay, WI saw the announcement about Ultra Pro producing Magic: The Gathering card protection supplies (see 'UltraPro Gets 'Magic' License') and has concerns about the product features:


I sincerely hope that the people at UltraPro actually talk to actual Magic: The Gathering players about packaging and legality of sleeves before they produce any 'official' Magic: The Gathering products.  


We just want to see some simple things:


1.  Tournament legal non-reflective sleeves. (Maybe talk to the guys at the DCI about what is legal and what is not before they go to print?)


2.  Uniform sleeves in the pack. (Their latest offering of 10 foil sleeves in pack with 50 flat sleeves is indicative of their obvious ignorance of the needs and desires of the players.  The sleeves aren't even legal to play together!)


3.  Less nudity and more fine art. 


4.  Packaging that reflects the game they are supporting.  (Last time I looked the average tournament Magic deck was between 60-70 cards, so how about 75 sleeve packs?)


Here is a chance for the industry to work together to make a better product instead of repeating past mistakes.


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